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Leader, Strategist, Innovator, Technologist, and Marketer

A strategic business leader and IT/digital technologist who delivers innovative digital solutions that engages and enables customer experiences, while driving up revenue and reducing operational costs. With a proven delivery track record managing and building teams and digital solutions with successful cross functional teams. I have experience in managing a vast array of cross functional teams with direct reports, indirect reports, offshore reports and onshore consultants, who all work together to deliver successfully across organizational needs. I have repeatable and consistent success in areas such as Customer Engagement, Customer Experience Development/Strategy, Omni-Channel Experience Strategies, Omni-Channel Content Strategies, Marketing Technologies, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Asset Management, Content Management, Business Development, Application Development, E-Commerce Development/Management, Project Management, Product Development, Product Management, Business Process Management, Resource Management, and Brand Management.


 A strategic Digital/IT Leader, Business leader and Digital Technologist who delivers innovative digital solutions that engages and enables customer experiences, while driving up revenue and reducing operational costs. With a proven delivery track record managing and building digital solutions with successful cross functional teams.

  • Build and deliver IT and digital strategies that drives over $2.6B in revenue for an organization that is not normally digital and had to be shepherded through its digital ascension.

  • Building IT and digital strategies and solutions for 120 countries (with over 340 markets), 36,000 restaurants, 65 million consumers, and 1.8M employees that drive revenues and savings of over $165M per year and manage a budget of around $15M.

  • Built technical strategies and solutions for the nation’s best rated automotive website that delivered experiences for over 40M customers per day and drive saving or revenue of over $74M per year.

  • Defined business and technical strategies/solutions that delivered over $1B in revenue and cost savings for hundreds of Fortune 500 customers worldwide.

  • Define and deliver digital a $250M digital health strategy

  • Define Digital/IT and Data strategies to help drive student success and improve persistence



My Roles & Responsibilities


April 2015 - Present

As a part of the executive leadership team at National University I was responsible for transforming the university’s Digital, Data and Technical Operational strategies.  Building three teams focused on Data transformation, Digital/IT transformation and Customer Experience transformation. These teams focused on how we improved our Student, Faculty and Staff experiences by leveraging data and insights to make things better for our students, improve student persistence and improve student graduation rates. Our team was responsible for data platforms, data security, data insights, AI/ML, SIS, LMS, Student Portal, Innovation, Omni-Channel Student engagement, CRM, Marketing Cloud and much more.

Divisional Vice President of Digital and CX Strategy

March 2012 - April 2015

Brought into the Senior Leadership Team to help transform, innovate, and drive the digital strategy and transformation for HCSC.  Owning the Digital Transformation effort for all things digital that all our customers interact with (focused on Member, Provider, Producer, Employer), which include but not limited to: E-Commerce, Public Web, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Partner integration, Provider Integrations, IOT Solutions, Voice Assistance Solutions, Chat-bot solutions, Digital Analytics, Digital Outcomes and much more.  Shifting into full customer experience strategy with a view around how we provide the experience our consumers need where they need it and when they need it.

Senior Director of Global IT Digital Products and Promotions

January 2003 - March 2012

Brought into the Senior Leadership Team to help innovate and drive the digital strategy for Catalina Marketing, by transforming Catalina from an old world of physical print into a digital world that allows us to bring together the physical and digital for retail consumer offers and promotion.


April 2015 - Present

A leader within the McDonalds Global Digital team managing both the solutions and strategies for Digital Asset Management, Content Management Solutions, Omni-Chanel Content, Omni-Channel Experiences, Digital Experiences, Digital Signage (including menu boards), Social Media, and Paid Media; for over 120 markets with over 36,000 restaurants and over 65 million customers, as McDonalds (the world’s largest restaurant chain) ventured into a significant Digital Transformation.


March 2012 - April 2015

Managed four cross functional teams of (12-15 people) to deliver marketing technology solutions for our consumer facing website and support the enterprise marketing needs.  Focused on building out technical strategies around our website content management system, knowledge management, content delivery, service oriented architecture, micro services, and technical solutions.


January 2003 - March 2012

Managed global and cross functional teams to deliver Fortune 100 customer project needs and services. Ensured that customer success was delivered and that all needs were satisfied by our teams.  Also, developed and managing project plans that help customer deployments and internal business operations within eDiscovery, Document Management, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Asset Management, Enterprise Search solutions, and Content Management.



Studied General Business, International Business, and Business Operations.


Focused on E-Commerce and Marketing Technologies.


Focused on Computer Science and Human Copmuter Interaction


I love what I do and I’d love to share it with you. Connect with me on social media.

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